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  • Have an idea of what classroom expectations you want to include so that you can nudge your students in the right direction 😉

  • Materials: colored pencils, paper, sticky notes, poster board


  • Prompt students to imagine their ideal learning environment and draw a picture.

  • Repeat for their most unproductive learning environment.


  • Have students individually write down on sticky notes what their ideal classroom looks like, feels like, and sounds like (one sticky for each). Repeat for students' most unproductive learning environment.

  • Have students post the sticky notes and share with their classmates. Talk about common themes.

  • Collectively create classroom expectations based on this ideal learning environment.

    • Example: Does talking over each other reach this vision? No! So our classroom expectation is "One voice at a time." What do we think about having phones out in class? Guide students here.

  • This helps set the tone for your year as students recognize that their voice matters, is heard, and is respected.


  • Write out a "Class Contract" with the the expectations, and have everyone sign (including yourself!).

  • Post it somewhere in your classroom as a constant reminder.

Extra Credit:

  • Brainstorm a classroom name (students of all ages love this, even the older ones act too cool for school😎).

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