Prefer to watch a video? Follow along with Katie as she sets up her classroom here:

1. Add your classes

  • Click on the + sign on the left-hand side of the screen.

2. Add your bonuses and fines

Give bonuses and fines to reinforce classroom values!

  • Click on any class > Setup > Bonuses

    • Note: Your settings will be shared across all classes.

  • Select "Add Suggested Bonuses" to get started with our recommended bonuses.

    • Click the pencil icon on the right to edit suggested bonuses to fit your classroom.

  • Select "Add Bonus" to add custom bonuses.

    • We recommend adding 5-10 bonuses between $5-$20.

  • Click "Fines" at the top of the page and repeat (if fines don’t speak to you, feel free to skip them!).

    • We recommend adding 3-7 fines between $5-$20.

Pro Tip: The bonuses and fines you select during the set-up process will pre-populate when you click to send a bonus or fine. You can also send customizable transactions on the fly!

3. Add your bills

Students use their income to pay bills, such as rent for their desk, to practice budgeting in a safe space

  • Click "Bills" at the top of the page.

  • Select "Add Suggested Bills" to automatically apply our recommendations

  • We recommend charging a total of $100 in bills monthly and recommend $80 for rent and $20 for utilities.

  • Select "Add Bill" to include any custom bills.

  • Teachers have gotten really creative with these such as charging an AC bill in the summer and heating bills in the winter.

  • We recommend sending bills on the first of every month. See Pro-Tip below to learn about Auto-Pay.

Pro Tip: Turn on Auto-Pay to automatically send bills to your students.

  • Click Edit Class > Auto-Pay check box > Choose weekly (on Fridays), biweekly (first and third Friday of every month), or monthly (first Friday of the month).

  • Right now, Auto-Pay will send paychecks and bills on the same day (i.e. if you choose biweekly, students will get their paychecks and their bills on the first and third Friday of each month). Later this fall, you will be able to send paychecks and bills on different “auto” schedules, so stay tuned!

4. Add your store items

Students learn to budget, set goals, and use their savings to purchase rewards from the classroom store.

  • Click "Store" at the top of the page > then "All Items"

  • Select "Add Suggested Items" to automatically apply our recommendations.

    • The majority of our suggested items are free for teachers!

  • Select "Add Item" to include any custom items.

    • Select one of our preset images or upload your own.

    • We recommend adding a range of items anywhere between $5-$100. A $5 item might be a smaller item such as a piece of candy, a medium $50 item may be sitting at the teacher's desk, and a larger $100 item may be a homework pass.

  • Return here to close the class store and edit store items, or click “Store Transactions” to view student purchases.

Pro Tip: Create your store list with your class to build excitement and engage students!

5. Add your jobs

Classroom jobs allow students to take ownership of class routines and make your life easier!

  • Click "Jobs" at the top of the page.

  • Select "Add Suggested Jobs" to get started with our recommended jobs.

  • Select "Add Job" to add any custom jobs.

    • We recommend students earn a total of $100 per month to balance their bills and so they are incentivized to earn bonuses. Consider how often you are paying your students. If you plan to pay them weekly set salaries between $20-30, biweekly $40-60, or monthly $90-110.

  • Optional: Add "Student" Job

    • Pay all students a "Student" salary if you do not have classroom jobs for everyone so that all students have a source of income.

    • Once you’ve added your students, make sure to hire ALL students to the student job so they receive this paycheck.

  • Turn on autopay to automatically send paychecks to your students.

    • Click Edit Class > Auto-Pay check box > Choose weekly on Fridays, biweekly every other Friday, or monthly on the first Friday of every month.

    • If autopay is on, students will receive their paychecks and bills at the same time.

  • Return here to hire students, view applications, and edit your jobs.

Pro Tip: Align job responsibilities with your classroom routines to simplify classroom management. Learn more about creating meaningful jobs and leveraging teamwork here.

6. Add your students!

Choose if you would like to quickly add all students at once with a class code, or input students on your side with a username and password.

  • Click the class on the left hand side that you would like to add students to.

  • Select "Add Student"

    • To add students with class code

      • Select "Class Code."

      • Project the class code or write the code on the board.

      • Have students go > then click Sign Up > Student

      • They will then be prompted to type in their class code, name (optional), and chosen username and password.

    • To add students manually

      • Select "Student Info.

      • Input their name (optional), and chosen username and password.

    • To add students with a school subscription

      • Search for the student's name and select the desired student.

      • If they have not already been added, select "Add another student."

Class Code:


🎉 Congratulations! Your ClassEquity setup process is complete….Let the fun begin!

Want to learn even more about ClassEquity? Check out our 10 min or 2 min demo of ClassEquity or shoot us a message in the chat, we'd love to answer any questions you may have!

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