Add co-teachers

If you are part of a school or pro subscription, you can add co-teachers to your classroom so that you can collaborate!

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Adding a co-teacher to your class allows you both full access to the class. All teachers will be able to edit students, send transactions, update settings, and approve purchases. Any changes made to a shared class will affect all co-teachers. For example, if one co-teacher deletes a job, it will delete that job for all connected teachers.

How do I add a co-teacher?

  1. Make sure both co-teachers are upgraded to Pro and connected to the same school

  2. From the class that you would like to add a co-teacher to > Select the "Co-teacher" tab

  3. Click "Add Co-teacher"

  4. Select the teacher(s) from your school that you would like to add

  5. The class will immediately appear on your co-teacher's account!

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