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Student Helper Jobs: Banker, HR Manager, and Store Clerk
Student Helper Jobs: Banker, HR Manager, and Store Clerk

Check out these ideas for how to incorporate Student Helper positions into your economy with ClassEquity!

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Looking to increase student ownership and create a classroom economy that runs itself? Add Banker, HR Manager, or Store Clerk as a job position! Check out these suggestions on how to incorporate Student Helper positions into your economy with ClassEquity.

Giving Student Helpers access to send transactions

Upgrade to Pro to access the "co-teacher" feature. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Teacher Account with a placeholder email (i.e. [email protected])

  2. Write down the password! (Note: you will not be able to reset this password if the email address is not real)

  3. Shoot us a message to let us know when you've upgraded your account to Pro and created a banker manager Teacher Account. We will give you a code to add your bank manager as a co-teacher for free!

  4. Give the login information to your Student Helper! Now, they can send deposits from this account!

    Now that students can access deposits, give them a quick demo of how to send a transaction. We recommend that they send a custom bonus for the amount on the ledger with the title "Deposit <Date>".

Banker Job Description

Job Description

  • Assist in sending paychecks, charging rent, and handling paper money.

  • Send bonuses on ClassEquity throughout class as instructed by the teacher.

  • Transfer deposits from deposit slips onto class bank log and into ClassEquity.

Job Qualifications

  • Must be highly organized and show strong integrity

  • Must have an aptitude in math and strong attendance.

  • Requires a recommendation.

HR Manager Job Description

Job Description

  • Oversee the hiring process for classroom jobs, including reviewing applications and conducting interviews.

  • Manage the classroom jobs, including keeping track of performance and addressing any issues.

Job Qualifications

  • Must have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.

  • Must be responsible and fair in dealing with class job assignments and management.

Store Clerk Job Description

Job Description

  • Manage the class store, including inventory, sales, and customer service.

  • Keep track of class currency and transactions, and report on store performance.

Job Qualifications

  • Must be responsible, organized, and have good math skills.

  • Must be dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Student Helper FAQ

What does a Student Helper account have access to?

Since a Student Helper account is a teacher account added as a co-teacher to your class, they have access to everything that you have access to. They can send transactions, manage jobs, edit settings, approve transactions, and everything else that you can do.

How can I see what transactions my student helpers have sent?

When you log into your Student Helper's account, you can easily see all of the transactions that they have sent and filter and search for what you are checking on.

Additionally, when you view individual student activity from your My Classes Page, you are able to see which class the transactions are coming from. This allows you to see exactly what your student helpers are sending to each student.

How do other teachers incorporate a Student Helper into their classroom economy?

  • "I track bonus bucks on a class sheet for different behaviors like: getting a compliment from another teacher, good hallway behavior, earning a track ticket(our school-wide PBIS system), getting a 100% on test or quiz, working overtime (turning in homework) etc. then my accountants go into the system on Fridays and input everyone’s bonuses. Then the class shops from the online store and my accountants call them over to complete their purchases."

  • "I have several noise police and positivity posse in my room. The noise police give warnings and fines while the positivity posse look for kids on track and doing positive things for bonuses. They coordinate with my banker who tracks all of the bonuses and fines throughout the week and then I upload them all on the site at the end of the week at one time."

  • "I used to have a banker when I used paper classroom dollars because the system was so cumbersome to keep up with, however, I've found it not necessary with ClassEquity because it's now way easier to run. I have autopay set up so that I don't have to worry about sending paychecks or bills, and I have ClassEquity up on my computer or phone throughout the day so that I can quickly send bonuses. The "cha-ching" noise really helps redirect students, so I like doing it at the moment. I'm not sure if this answers your question, but just another perspective!"

And now you can sit back and relax while your new student helpers take care of the rest (or do one of the other 1,000 things on your to-do list 😜)! If you have any questions, we'd love to chat! Shoot us a message below.

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