Ethical Contract

Use this contract to spark a conversation about integrity and remind students of your expectations surrounding ClassEquity.

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Shoutout to the 5th grade team at North Royalton Middle School for allowing us to adapt their contract and share it with the ClassEquity community! Learn more about incorporating paper into your ClassEquity routine here.

Feel free to tweak this contract to fit the needs of your classroom! For easy editing, you can find the contract here. Just copy the Google Doc and you can make any edits you'd like!

Bank Rules:

  1. You must EARN your money.

    1. You will NOT accept money from friends or any account besides your teacher's account.

    2. You may NOT sell any personal items for ClassEquity $$.

    3. If you find $$, turn it in to a teacher.

    4. You may not steal $$ from other students.

  2. Breaking any bank rules will result in disqualification from ClassEquity bank rights and privileges. Any unethical actions will result in removal from the classroom economy and will result in team/school discipline.

  3. You should DEPOSIT your money; keeping some with you in case of fines and/or purchases from the store.

  4. If you lose your money, the bank will NOT replace it.

  5. You will earn a salary as a student, but will also pay monthly rent and utilities.

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