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Dear Families,

This year for our classroom management, we will utilize a website/program called ClassEquity. It’s an excellent tool for teaching financial responsibility, leadership, and other real-world skills, and I want to let you know how it works.

Students will apply for and receive classroom jobs in the first two weeks of school. Each job comes with a salary, allowing students to practice budgeting and spending. With their salary, students will have to be mindful of real-world expenses, such as monthly bills for rent and utilities. This allows students to learn needs vs. wants, delayed gratification, and practice budgeting in a safe environment.

On top of their salary, students will earn bonus cash in multiple ways. Proper classroom behavior, random acts of kindness, and teacher compliments are just a few ways students can earn more money. On the other hand, students who don’t meet behavior and classroom expectations can be fined, just like in the real world how you or I could be fined for not following the speed limit. Behavior such as disrespect to others, poor classroom/hallway behavior, etc., can all result in a fine. That will be determined if/when a situation may arise.

We will also have a chance to spend the money earned by visiting our Class Store! Store items may include privileges, such as sit in the teacher's chair for the day, or tangible rewards, such as stickers. This way, students will be eager and motivated to work in their positions, and will be able to set goals for rewards they would like to work towards. If you feel so inclined, donations to our Class Store are always welcomed!

You can find more information on the program at The program in our classroom is modified and a work in progress. It is something new to me and students, so please be patient and understand that this program can change! We are always discussing ways to grow and change, and hopefully, we can all work together to make this program great!

If you have any questions regarding this program, please reach out to me at <Insert Email here> if you have further questions!


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