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Student Job: Student
Student Job: Student
The "student" job allows every student to have a source of income even if everyone doesn't have a job.
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Sending a "student" salary is a great option for teachers who don't have enough jobs to go around or aren't looking to implement jobs. It allows students to earn a salary for their main job: being a student!

  1. Select a class

  2. From your "Jobs" tab, select "Add Job" and add a "Student" position along with its salary, responsibilities, and qualifications.

    1. Here are our suggestions for setting up the "Student" job:

      • Responsibilities:

        • Follow all classroom and school-wide expectations.

        • Give my best and always seek to learn and improve.

      • Qualifications

        • Must attend <insert your school or class here>

      • Salary:

        • We recommend students earn a total salary of $100 in per month.

        • Consider how often you are paying your students. If you plan to pay them weekly set salaries between $20-30, biweekly $40-60, or monthly $90-110.

        • If students will have additional jobs, we recommend setting those salaries at a value equal to a small or medium bonus.

  3. Hire ALL students to the "Student" job.

    1. This ensures when you send paychecks, they will receive their student salary as well as that of any other jobs they are hired for.

  4. Select all students and send paychecks as usual!

    1. This will send their "Student" salary as well as those of any other jobs they are hired for

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