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My student can't log in
My student can't log in
Follow these steps to get your student logged in!
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Your student can't log in and not sure how to fix it? Follow these steps:

  1. Have you updated your password and students' passwords with the update? Learn how to transition your account to the updated ClassEquity site here.

  2. Your student is getting the "Incorrect username or password" error?

    β†’ Double check that they are typing in the exact username and password that you have on your account. View the student's profile to double check that there are no typos in the username (triple check, this is the issue 99% of the timeπŸ˜‰)

    β†’ Usernames and passwords are CASE SENSITIVE, so double check that too.

    β†’ Typing in the correct username but still getting an error message? That means that there is a typo in the password! Reset the password, and your student will be good to go :)

Check out My student forgot their password to learn more.

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