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Learn how to send bonuses and other transactions!

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How do I send ClassEquity points to students?

  1. Check the box to the left of the students you would like to send a transaction (bonus, fine, paycheck, expense) to.

    Pro tip: You can check the box at the top of the table to select all students.

  2. Select one of the transaction types you would like to send.

  3. Select the tiles of the transaction you would like to send, or type in a custom transaction in the moment.

    Pro tip: You can customize the pre-set tiles to the transactions you send the most. For transactions you send less frequently, use the "Other" box to type in the reason and amount.

  4. To send additional transaction types at the same time, click the category you would like to send to reveal more options.

  5. Click Submit to send the transactions to the student side!

Learn more about how students make deposits and withdraws here!

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