How do students create their own accounts?

  1. Select class

  2. Select Add Student > Class Code > Display the class code to your students

  3. Have student go to > Sign-Up > Student*

  4. Student enters class code

  5. Student enters name, username, and password

*NOTE: Emphasize to your class that they need to click "Student" when signing up! We've seen so many students accidentally sign up as Teachers and we want to save you the trouble :) If a student does accidentally sign up as a teacher, no problem just shoot us a message!

How do I create a student account?

From the "Students" tab of the class you would like to add them to:

  1. Click "Add Student" > "Student Info"

  2. Enter your student's name, username, and password

  3. Select "Add another student" to add multiple students at once.

  4. Click "Add to Class"

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