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ClassEquity's Pro subscription allows you to add co-teachers and dive deeper into student behavior data tracking!

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ClassEquity's Pro subscription is a great way to provide more consistency for students and ensure that you are making data-driven decisions in your classroom! Here are some of the highlights of ClassEquity's Pro Plan:

  • Adding co-teachers: The co-teacher feature allows you to share your classroom with any other teacher that is also on a Pro subscription. This is a great way to bring in other teachers that support your students, specials teachers, or other grade team teachers.

  • Store inventory tracking: Have you ever reached for something in your store only to find that you are sold out? Easily keep track of what you have in stock with our inventory feature.

  • Student banker access: Looking to increase student ownership and create a classroom economy that runs itself? Add Banker, HR Manager, or Store Clerk as a job position! The Pro plan enables you to give student access to run your economy.

  • Exporting data reports: With Pro, you can download a variety of reports, including student transaction history, a list of store purchases, and student balances. These reports allow you to make data-driven decisions for students and are a great centerpiece for goal-setting conversations with students and parents.

  • Printable jobs: Easily print a list of job descriptions and responsibilities to share with students or to keep for your own records. This allows students to browse their job opportunities and consider which job might be the best fit for them, as well as keep track of their responsibilities once they are hired.

  • Expedited support: Pro subscription teachers receive expedited customer support, allowing them to get their questions answered even more quickly.

Coming soon:

  • Even more advanced analytics: What other trends would you all like to see? Feel free to shoot us a message with what would be helpful!

We hope you enjoy your Pro subscription! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

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