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5 ways to easily send bonuses throughout the day
5 ways to easily send bonuses throughout the day

Worried you won't have time to send bonuses to your students? Check out these tips to make positive reinforcement second nature!

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1) Keep ClassEquity open throughout the day

Have your computer open to ClassEquity so you can quickly send transactions in the moment. ⭐️ Pro-tip: Turn sound effects on. When students know you're sending transactions, they somehow all start magically doing exactly what they should be... ✨

2) Open ClassEquity on your phone

If you're not by a computer, pull up ClassEquity on your phone to send transactions anywhere! ⭐️ Pro-tip: Turn ClassEquity into an app for easy access.

3) Use a tally sheet

Print out a tally sheet and make quick notes throughout the day, and then enter into ClassEquity when most convenient for you. ⭐️ Pro-tip: Add "Record Keeper" or "Student Banker" to your classroom jobs. This student can record/enter bonuses and fines for you.

4) Give verbal praise

Verbally give your students a bonus and tell them to remind you at the end of the day (they always remember). ⭐️ Pro-tip: Be specific so students know why they are receiving the bonus. Check out these tips on when, why, and how to give positive praise.

5) Give paper dollars in the moment

While ClassEquity allows you to avoid having thousands of paper dollars flying around your classroom, some students, especially in younger grades, may benefit from a tangible bonus. If this works best for your classroom, give paper Power Dollars in the moment.

⭐️ Pro-tip: Allow students to deposit their paper dollars into their bank account using the deposit slips- check out How to Use Paper Money with ClassEquity.

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