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ClassEquity Team & Schools subscription
ClassEquity Team & Schools subscription

Learn more about what is included when you upgrade to use ClassEquity with your team or school!

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What does the ClassEquity Team & Schools subscription include?

The ClassEquity School Subscription provides unlimited access to the ClassEquity platform for all teachers and students, including:

Platform Features

  • Unlimited number of teacher-user profiles

  • Ability to connect students to unlimited teacher accounts

  • Unlimited number of students per classroom

  • Unlimited number of transactions per classroom

  • Auto-payments for paychecks and expenses

  • Transaction analytics (reports and editable history)

  • Advanced transaction analytics (data on transaction trends, etc.)

  • Ability to track student data across multiple classes

  • Streamlined rostering: adding students by the ClassEquity team (recommended), or via information, class code, or .csv upload

  • Ability to choose between default suggested settings (jobs, bonuses, fines, expenses, store) or implement a fully customizable ruleset

  • Unlimited access to the ClassEquity resource library, including lesson plans, curriculum content, and insights & best practices from teachers already enrolled on the platform

  • Classroom economy paper materials to adapt an analog version of the system

  • School store inventory feature

  • Admin account for easy rostering and management of school-level settings

  • Ability to add unlimited co-teachers to any class

  • Access to unlimited student "Banker" or "HR" accounts

School Success

  • Dedicated School Success Manager

  • Expedited support

  • Access to our full suite of training & onboarding materials and tutorials

  • Initial account creation and rostering

  • Custom quarterly data reports

Want to learn more? Check out our case studies of how middle school King's Ridge Preparatory Academy, PBIS school Gibsonburg Middle School, or Bunnell Elementary use ClassEquity!

Interested in using ClassEquity with your team or school? Request a quote here or email us at [email protected] and we'll get you started!

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