As with the rest of ClassEquity, these resources are customizable! Make a copy of the google document or download it to edit.

Paper Money

Use paper dollars to give bonuses on the fly. Simply cut and pass out as you please!

Students are responsible for holding on to all paper money, as they would be with cash in their wallets.

✨ Pro tip: Allow students to deposit their cash into ClassEquity by turning in a bank slip below. To transfer these paper dollars to the online platform, you can issue a custom bonus with the title "Deposit" and the amount equivalent to the cash you are collecting

Deposit and Withdraw Slips

Deposits: Allow students to deposit their paper money into their bank account.

Students turn in their paper cash along with a bank deposit slip

so that you can easily send them a custom digital bonus when most convenient.

Withdraws: Allow students to withdraw money from their bank account to have cash on hand. This allows students to easily pay fines on the spot or purchase items

from the class store with paper money.

✨ Pro tip: Want students to be able to withdraw cash from their accounts? Issue a custom fine with the title "Withdraw" and give them the cash value of the withdraw.

Bonus & Fine Slips

Hand over responsibility to the class "Police Officer" to give bonuses and fines on your behalf!

✨ Pro tip: At the end of each week, allow students to give a "Bonus" to a classmate that they thought did an awesome job that week!


Teacher your students how to write checks to pay bills, fines, or to purchase rewards from the class store! You can also have the "Payroll Clerk" write paper paychecks to pay your students for their classroom jobs.

Everything Together

Print paper money, deposit and withdraw slips, bonus and fine slips, and checks all on the same document.

Bank Ledger

Help students keep track of their upcoming expenses, deposits, and withdraws with this paper ledger.

Bank Deposits Log

If you've included a Student Banker position on your job board, check out these bank logs! Students can record deposits and withdraws on this sheet, and then transfer the transactions into ClassEquity.

Job Descriptions

Printable version of ClassEquity's default job descriptions. Make sure to update them with any changes you made to your own job descriptions!

Pro tip: Have your students put these descriptions in their binders so they remember their responsibilities. You can also use them to guide "performance review" conversations where you discuss their strengths and growth areas of their job execution.

Rental Agreement

Print your rental agreement to remind students of the responsibilities associated with renting their desks.

Employee of the Month Certificate

Recognize students for their hard work with this customizable certificate.

Family Introduction Letter

Use this letter to inform families about ClassEquity and get them excited!

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