Manage your store inventory

Learn how to easily manage your store inventory with the quantity feature!

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How can I easily keep track of what I have available in my store?

If you are a Pro Subscriber or have a Team & Schools subscription, you can easily manage your store inventory by including quantities of your items! Learn more about the inventory feature below:

1. Include the "Quantity" for each item when you set up or edit a store item

2. Every time a student makes a purchase, the quantity of the item decreases

3. Once the item goes out of stock, you will be notified on your dashboard and can easily add more items!

Inventory FAQs

What happens if I have multiple classroom stores?

The quantity count only counts down for purchases made in that class specifically and is not shared across classes. If you have, for example, 100 pencils to share between your four class periods, we recommend putting the quantity as 25 for each class.

Do I have to have a quantity for all items?

No! If you have items such as a positive phone call home that have no limit on the number of items you can distribute, you do not have to put a quantity. These items will not count down and will always be available for students to purchase in the store.

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